What is CozyCon?

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    CozyCon Mascot in expedition outfit, with a small bird-like dino behind him.

    Connor finds a mysterious egg while curating a museum exhibit and finds himself transported to the age of dinosaurs, on a quest to identify the egg. Inspired by whimsical cartoon dino's and childhood museum trips. Art by Temrin

    Event Info
     September 20-22, 2024 
     Theme: Cozy Cretaceous 
     Event is in Central Time 
    CozyCon events are streamed to Twitch, DJ's/Dances to Mixcloud and the main community space hosted on Discord. We also have VRChat worlds and a Minecraft server.

    We're an online convention that you can attend from home on any screen that has internet access!Registration is FREE! Visit our store for perks.All fandoms/industries welcome! Check out the Vendors, Panels, DJs, Events and more! We welcome all creators, from 2D, to 3D, crafters, jewelers, fashion & apparel, musicians, performers, game and web developers and more.

    CozyCon Online Discord Server

     Role is not automatic and is processed and given manually. 


    "a fundraiser sheet that features yellows and greens, that reads ""2024 Fundraiser, Starts March 22nd on Kofi"" then lists 5 tiers. Tier 1: $200 Mysterious Egg: Unlocks fundraiser livestreams and stream related buyables"" Tier 2: ""$500 Hatchling: Unlocks

    Theme is inspired by whimsical cartoon dinos and childhood museum trips, not intending to be dino accurate.
    We will have fundraiser streams on Twitch as well as we're able.

    COMPLETE! Tier 1 - Mysterious Egg$200Unlocks fundraiser streams and stream related buyables COMPLETE!
    COMPLETE! Tier 2 - Hatchling$500Unlocks button pins and stream artist payments COMPLETE!
    COMPLETE! Tier 3 - Velociraptor$1000Unlocks bonus merch and merch artist payment COMPLETE!
    Tier 4 - Mega Sloth$1500Unlocks discount for all accepted vendors COMPLETE!
    Tier 5 - T-Rex$2000Unlocks more vendor discount and possible staff party

     NOTE: Physical goods through this page have shipping limitations! 
    UK Buyers: We cannot ship to you at this time! We're so sorry.
    EU Buyers: We can ship to you but you will be responsible for paying VAT and any other fees on the package when it arrives.
     Attendance is FREE! 
    Attendees who join and accept the rules on our Discord server closer to the event, will get a FREE attendance bundle, in server, closer to the event dates! This may include printable badges, VR badges, colouring pages, and more.
    Do not use our registration system unless you want the following:
     Digital Swag Tier - $0+ 
    This gives you access to the cart system for paid DIGITAL GOODIES ONLY like
    ►18+ Role (Discord): $5+*
    ►Donate & Get Donor Role (Discord) $5+
    ►Personalized digital printable badge (Not VR) $5

     Physical Swag Tier - $25+ 
    This is for PHYSICAL/SHIPPED TO YOU ITEMS (and digital items). Tier cost covers shipping for items like
    ►Pog Sets
    ►Other things not offered through our Con Store shop.
    If you pay for this tier and don't purchase any items, this will be considered a donation.

     18+ Access - $5 
    Looking for access to the NSFW section of our Discord? Select any tier on our registration system and you will be able to add this item to your cart.
    ►For legal adults only (18+ AND legal age in your area of residence)
    ►Please fill out your registration correctly otherwise there may be delays.
    ►Getting your discord roles is a manual staff process, it may take time.
    ►Falsifying information is a bannable offence.
    ►Gets you access to special areas in our Discord, including 18+ chats, vendors and panels. You only need to pay for this ONCE!
    ►If your birthday doesn't match the required age, this will be considered a donation unless we're contacted for a refund.

     Sponsor Tier (Limited) - $100 **
    Physical and digital goods bundle that supports the event. You can also purchase additional items of either type in the cart system here too.
    ►Personalized Digital Printable Badge (Not VR) (art by Temrin )
    ►One 8.5x14" Print (art by Sixel )
    ►Discord Donor Role
    ►10% off Con Store Coupon
    ►Your choice of ONE clothing item.
    Regular Shirt (XS-5XL) Rainbow Sloth Design
    All-over-print shirt (XS-3XL) Pattern or Lo-fi Design
    All-over-print shorts (XS-3XL) Pattern, Lo-fi or Rainbow Sloth (Purple/Pale Green)

    **Application Dates**
    Click the dates below for conversion (external site)
    Opens: 9 AM PST, Feb 1st
    Closes: 11:59 PM PST, Feb 13th
    Conf/Payment email sent by: 11:59 PM PST Feb 14th
    ► ~~Payments due: 11:59 PM PST, Feb 18th~~ 20th
    ► Vendors not paid by the 21st, will be removed.
    Waitlisted vendors will get put into any vacant spots.
    Assets due: 11:59 PM PST Feb 24th
    All vendors have been invited to their GDrive folder as of Feb 14th.
    **Application Requirements**
    ► Your legal name
    ► An email contact (preferably Google Drive connected)
    ► Your business/shop name
    ► ONE website URL to your shop/offerings
    ► A short 150 character bio about you/your offerings
    ► Whether your content is SFW/NSFW
    ► You understand and agree to FE Virtual Dealer Info Package
    and the FE Code of Conduct
    **Assets (Submitted Once Accepted)**
    Process will go faster if submitted early
    ► VRC/Neos booth file - Template - Same as CozyCon's
    ► Dealers Den Site Banner - Template
    ► Optional Website Ad - Template
    **Add Vendors @ to your emails SAFE LIST!**

    Registration IS FREE!

    You do not need to register to attend! Get perks in the Con Store
    If you're looking for the CozyCon Club or other swag, you can find them on our Fundraiser.
    If you are looking to register to be a Vendor, check out the Vendor page for the application link.

    Vendor Applications

    Applications Closed - Vendor approval emails expected between July 13-15th
    Thanks to our fundraiser and wonderful community, Vendor cost has been reduced for this year!
    Please make sure you read all of the information on this page before applying!
    (Convention Master accounts from other events will not work.)

     You will need the following things for your application: ►NOTE: It's encourage to write down your information before hand as the registration system does time out after some inactivity.► You need to have a registration account and be registered for the current event (it's free) for the application to work. (The registration sponsor tier does not get you a sponsor table, they are separate things.)
    ► Your Discord username.
    ► Your Business/Artist name (will be shown on the site & discord.)
    ► Your PRIMARY website URL with your event offerings.
    ► Whether your content is SFW, NSFW or both.
    ► What content you create and anything specific you are making for the event.
    ► Your Currency (USD, CAD, AUS, GBP, etc.)
    ► Sponsor Vendors also need: Short bio/blurb for your listing on the website and up to 4 more URLs.
    ► You will eventually need a banner ad for your space (templates on this page) and you'll be given access to a google drive to upload these things.
    NOTE: Vendors are jurried, instead of first come first served.

     Vendor Rules & Guidelines ► You MUST be of legal age in your place of residence AND at least 18+ to be a vendor.► Content generated through AI (text, image, sound, etc) is not allowed in any of our spaces, that especially includes vendor sales. We will not support this violation of artists rights and those found using infringing data-sets will be barred from our event.► CozyCon welcomes all kinds of creators from digital to traditional visual artists, writers, textile creators, jewelers and other crafters, 3D designers and traditional sculptors, game developers, musicians, performers and more! This event is open to all fandoms/industries as long as content follows our rules. We also welcome services that are for creatives. (Vendor space is essentially an ad to bring attendees to your shop/offers/stream/etc.)► CozyCon is not responsible for your content and will not protect you from legal action. We retain the right to blacklist folks doing anything illegal, breaking the rules/terms, abusing our spaces, etc.► NSFW is allowed as long as:
    1) Applications have been filled out properly so we can appropriately mark the rating on our pages.
    2) NSFW content must be drawn/created, no real life NSFW content.
    3) Your NSFW content is on a site that is behind a warning/age and/or log-in block.
    4) Your banner art must remain SFW.
    ► CozyCon has no direct involvement in your transactions. If you have issues, please take it up with the other party involved, or the administration of the site they were using. We do not have the means to handle disruptive attendees OFF-SITE so please use the block/mute functionality there or contact the admins of the sites you are using to report users. If the user is on Discord or using our VRC worlds and is breaking the rules of the event, you can contact us to report it or use the ticket system in Discord.► CozyCon does not provide payment transaction services. Every vendor will have their own services to conduct business through and are beholden to those service rules and regulations.

     Regular Listing: $5 CAD $10 CAD (~$4 USD)** 
    Ad Size Templates
    1) Website/Discord/VR Poster Template
    Make sure the transparent parts stay transparent!
    ► Small listing on website
    ► Forum post on Discord
    ► General voice chats available
    ► VR poster (not a booth)
    ► Official social media post ads before/during each event
    ► Livestream listings on official schedule.

     Sponsored Listing: $15 CAD $30 CAD (~$11USD)** 
    Ad Size Templates
    1) Website/Discord Template
    2) VRChat Booth Template
    Sponsor Perks:
    ► Large banner at top of listing on website
    (Animated gif OK - No flashing, under 4MB)
    ► Forum post on Discord
    ► 1 dedicated voice/video channel upon request
    ► VR booth
    ► Official social media post ads before/during each event
    ► Livestream listings on official schedule & banners on livestreams.

    Vendor's should join our Discord as that is our "home base" and where a lot of the vendor perks are setup. If you are not there, we cannot set you up with the vendor role, posting access for sales, etc, which is part of the paid perks!
     VR Worlds 
    While we do have VR booths and posters available for our vendors, you DO NOT have to participate in VR! Think of it like an art show, your booth is there for people to look at, you do not have to be there and it's impossible to be in every instance of the world.
    PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT need a VR Headset! VR platforms have a "desktop mode" and some Phone/mobile apps available. Check our events for more information on our worlds.
    The vendor costs help us continue to keep the event running and are based on the perks provided for each tier. Please read them carefully before choosing!

     Things to note 
    Payment will be accepted through PayPal via Convention Master.
    When possible, event staff will also organize multi streams, and setup vendors with automated stream announcement bots.Please be aware that generally, payments are non-refundable unless the event gets cancelled (which is unlikely to occur since we're online.)You can find examples of listings below

    Listing Examples

    Furnal Equinox $CAD SFW
    Furnal Equinox is a Toronto-based convention celebrating the arts and culture of the furry fandom and animal enthusiasts, held during the Spring Equinox weekend in March 15th - 17th, 2024
    Website | Twitter | Flickr | Youtube | Facebook
    Tags: 2D Art Anthro 3D Art Chibi Other

    Listing Template $CAD SFW
    A short bio blurb here and your preferred links below, as well as tags.
    Website | Twitter | Flickr | Youtube | Facebook
    Tags: 2D Art Anthro 3D Art Chibi Other

    Vendors & Partners

     Applications Closed - Vendors are year round, including September and May events. We will open up again close to September 2023.  Looking for Vendor Info in advance of the next opening? Check out our FAQ 

    Looking for graphics for your Vendor advertisements online or for panels/streams during the event?


    Furnal Equinox
    Under The Sea March 15-17 2024
    Furnal Equinox is a Toronto-based convention celebrating the arts and culture of the furry fandom and animal enthusiasts, held during the Spring Equinox weekend in March.
    Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


    Amethyst Creations £GBP SFW/NSFW
    Amethyst Creations has fantastic furry fiction available for commission and for sale with a selection of twelve short story collections for adult audiences - 18+ only! SFW & NSFW story writing commissions are offered at a base rate of 30 GBP per 1,000 words.
    A selection of metal stamped goods and resin art is also available from the online shop. I am also currently accepting custom orders for metal stamped goods on anything from keyrings to necklaces to bottle openers! If you have something in mind, please get in touch to see what I can do for you!
    FurAffinity | Amazon (books) | Lulu (books) | Smashwords (eBooks)
    Furry Human Animals Textiles & Crafts Accessories Services Commissions Other

    AnimaloftheElements $CAD SFW/NSFW
    I'm a storyboard artist working on discounted illustrations and streaming them live on Twitch! I will draw anything from OCs to fandom, humans and furries, Come say hi!
    Website | Instagram | Twitter | Patreon | Twitch
    Furry Human Animal Kemonomimi Chibi Animation Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    Critter Cove Art $CAD/$USD SFW/NSFW
    🐊 Hi, I'm Shesta and I draw illustration commissions & also have a shop with stickers, tees, keychains, prints etc.
    Website | Twitter | Tiktok | FurAffinity | Etsy
    Furry Human Animals Chibi Stationary & Prints Apparel Accessories Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    Dead Bomb Art $USD SFW
    Dead Bomb Art is a two-person team that makes handmade screenprinted Tshirts with furry appeal. We also have tote bags, blankets, prints, and pin-back buttons that feature original art and characters. When available, we also offer custom badge art commissions.
    You can find us most active on twitter and our shop.
    Shop | Twitter | Website
    Furry Animals Textiles & Crafts Apparel

    Dr. Wildlife $USD SFW
    Zoologist focused on saving endangered species through creative solutions. Offering wildlife illustrations, one-of-a-kind pawprint casts & paintings, and nerdy apparel meant to inspire a deeper connection to nature. One-on-one career counselling and tutoring sessions will be available for sign-up as well as information regarding educational class offerings on Twitch.
    Shop | Website | Twitter | Twitch | Instagram
    Furry Animals Textiles & Crafts Stationary & Prints Apparel ~Accessories Services Livestreams Other

    Fautbarb $USD SFW
    fautbarb is an artist out of nowhere Ohio selling apparel and merch with art that makes them laugh and hopefully makes you laugh too.
    Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook
    Animals Apparel Accessories Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    Furality Inc. $USD SFW
    Follow us on Twitch so you can tune in each month to Furality Cyber Connection, our interactive news show for the VR Furry Community.
    Discord | Twitch | Twitter | Mastodon

    Gobiraptor $USD/$CAD/£GBP SFW/NSFW
    I sell a little bit of everything! With pre-made merchandise, digital art and traditional commissions all by yours truly. I hope you find something here you love! Feel free to DM me @Gobiraptor on Discord if you have any queries during the event.
    Website | Bluesky | Twitter
    Furry Animals Stationary & Prints Accessories Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    HyenaMoxie $USD SFW
    Stickers and prints to add more yeens to your day!
    Shop | Website | Inprnt Shop | Tumblr | Twitter
    Furry Animals Chibi Accessories Digital Art

    Kudalyn's Creations $USD SFW
    Become yourself! Customizable 3d models built for VRChat, with clothing, hair, and other accessories!
    Shop | Website
    Furry Digital Art Livestreams 3D Art

    Miffix & Ruette $USD SFW/NSFW
    For art both cute and spicy, the fox and dragoness have you covered! We'll have both limited time themed emotes and alluring YCHs. Join our Morbs panel for a chance to win one of our emotes!
    SFW Miffix | NSFW Ruette Site
    Furry Human Animals Kemonomimi Chibi Apparel Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    Nebulilac $USD SFW/NSFW
    I'm Lamb, a 2D Animator, Artist & Streamer from Australia.
    I draw furry & anime art, Bring Vtubers to life through Live2D, and have a huge affinity for horror content which you'll see over on my Twitch!
    Come hang out sometime if you're feeling mischevious!
    Furry Human Kemonomimi Animation Digital Art Livestreams 2D Art

    Onix Angel Creations $CAD/$USD SFW
    Hello! I offer digital art & fursuit commissions. On my webstore I sell clothing, fursuit parts, accessories, and more! Use code "COZYCON23" for 10% your order during the event!
    Website | Shop | FurAffinity | Patreon | Twitter
    Furry Human Animals Chibi Apparel Accessories Digital Art Commissions 2D Other

    PhoenixFire Art Australia $USD SFW/NSFW
    Better known as MeaKitty, or simply Mea, I'm an Australian Freelance Artist who specializes in Digital Art in a style all my own. As well as physical crafts such as resin and polymer clay where I'm mostly known to make jewelry, I also make one of a kind sculptures and mixed media creations, from whatever inspires me. I'm open for commissions now, and have a range of readily available products in my shop.
    Commissions | Website | Ko-fi | Instagram | Twitter | Discord
    Furry Human Chibi Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    Please Feed The Bear $USD SFW/NSFW
    I'm hungry! Please feed me! In exchange for snack foods, I can offer physical goods like stickers, keychains, prints, and pins! I also can use my BEAR hands to draw you and your friends! Badges and digital and traditional commissions in any flavor!
    Website | Telegram | Twitter | Furaffinity
    Furry Animals Chibi Textiles & Crafts Stationary & Prints Accessories Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    Pyrocat Productions $USD SFW
    Hi, my name is Helen, but you can call me Dekeve or Pyro! I’m a digital artist from NC who focuses in animal, anthropomorphic and sci-fi/fantasy illustration! I take great inspiration from cats, video games, and the natural world. Offerings currently include: Prints, Stickers, Buttons and Acrylic charms! I also offer digital commissions, from sketches and portraits to reference sheets and full illustrations!
    Enter ARCADE23 at Checkout to get 15% off your order of $20 or more from my Etsy shop!
    Website | Links | Etsy | Commissions | Patreon
    Furry Animals Stationary & Prints Accessories Digital Art Commissions 2D Art Other

    Ryuigi´s cave €EUR SFW/NSFW
    2D Digital and traditional artist.
    I do offer YCH, Auctions and custom art.
    Website | Instagram | Twitter | Furaffinity
    Furry Human Animals Chibi Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    Sand Dragon Press $USD SFW
    Sand Dragon Press has comics, fine art and more. Come check out our collection of talented artists and writers.
    Website | Twitter | Facebook
    Furry Animals Stationary & Prints Apparel Accessories Comics Traditional Art Digital Art 2D Art

    ScottDerg/Star Warriors $CAD SFW
    I am Scott Derg, digital artist freelancer, author and artist of Star Warriors and someone who streams themselves being a massive dork!
    I will be one again selling my limited edition original story comic book alongside many merchandise pieces via storenvy including the brand new screaming cat Skepsi enamel pin design!I will be streaming commission work as well, I can't wait to see you all in the virtual space!
    Store | Comic | Patreon | Twitch | Links
    Furry Animals Stationary & Prints Apparel Accessories Comics Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    SuperNova $USD SFW/NSFW
    Hello! My name is Nova, I am a digital/traditional freelance artist from the PNW. I look forward to streaming both commissions and requests, and hanging out with everyone during the con! 💕
    Website | FurAffinity | Patreon | Twitter | Twitch
    Furry Human Animals Chibi Textiles & Crafts Stationary & Prints Accessories Comics Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions Livestreams

    The Heroes Of C.R.A.S.H. $USD SFW
    The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. is a Saturday morning superhero webcomic about 3 students at a hero school
    Website | Store | Twitter | Facebook | Ko-Fi
    Apparel Accessories Comics 2D Art

    Vampexx $USD SFW/NSFW
    Vampexx is a fast an efficient Transformation Artist that dabbles into tons of different content for those to enjoy! Don't see something in particular on my list you want? Feel free to ask me on my streams! Will be streaming any comms I can during the event, come stop by. C;
    Website | Twitter | Furaffinity | Patreon | Twitch
    Furry Human Animals Digital Art Commissions Livestreams

    Vetrina Nicole Art $USD SFW
    Hi! I'm Vetrina, a freelance artist who specializes in animal and furry art. I'm offering art commissions as well as con-exclusive YCHs. I also sell animal prints and stickers, and I'll be streaming my art during the con. Look out for a raffle stream. Get 15% off in my shop with code COZYARCADE from Sept 14-18!
    Website | Shop | Twitch
    Furry Human Animals Stationary & Prints Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    WeirdnessMaster Commissions $USD SFW
    Hi! My name is Crystal, I'm an artist focused in an anime style and I draw a variety of subjects!
    Ko-fi | Twitch | Twitter | Furaffinity
    Furry Human Kemonomimi Chibi Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    Temrin @ WildElement Studios $CAD SFW/NSFW
    Hey all, I'm Temrin, a Non Binary fantasy illustrator from Canada. I'll have livestreamed commissions, physical & digital merch and more available.
    Use code "CCOARCADE" to get 20-50% off my Etsy and Gumroad.
    Event & Commission info | Etsy | Gumroad | Redbubble | Patreon
    Furry Chibi Stationary & Prints Apparel Accessories Services Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art 3D Art

    ZaezarDraws $USD SFW
    Howdy, I'm Zae! A character designer and illustrator. I'll be doing art streams on Twitch and taking in-stream comms for CozyCon~
    Shop | FurAffinity | Twitch | Bluesky | Website
    Furry Animals Digital Art Commissions Livestreams 2D Art

    Zin's Art $USD SFW/NSFW
    At Zin's Art we make digital and traditional art, custom merch, and have a shop for ready to ship items! We now offer extra thick 10mil laminate for badges! And for Cozycon
    only, 2 freebie stickers with all physically shipped orders!! Omg! Hurry!
    Links | Website | Facebook | Telegram | Ko-fi
    Furry Human Animals Chibi Accessories Traditional Art Digital Art Commissions 2D Art

    Hover over images below to view information

    Check out our vendors on other platforms as well!

    Art Gallery

    You can find the Art Gallery on this page, newest works in VRChat, as well as a Legacy version (2020-2023) in Minecraft that you can visit by joining our Discord for server information.
    Submit your pieces on our events page
     Click on the images to check out the artist! 
    Future art gallery updates we are aiming to add alt text on the uploads.

    A screenshot from Minecraft, of the front of a building and a grey sign with white text that reads "CozyCon Art Gallery"

     Sloth Themed Art Gallery 

     2D Art & Photo Gallery - Sep 2023

    Event Submissions

     All participants (Panelists/DJ's/Vendors) and anyone involved in a Commercial must be an adult/18+.  Read the forms for more information. 

    Looking for graphics to use on your Event/Vendor advertisements?

    Panels - OPEN!
     NSFW panels are through Discord only. 
     EXTENDED to July 31st 11:59PM CT
    We are primarily looking for panels/events that focus on creativity and expression; tutorials/education, Q&A, meetups, performances, etc., about artwork, music, acting, game dev, web dev, cooking/baking, crafting/textiles, community and more. Panel subjects that fall outside of these topics will be looked at case by case but please still send them!►Panels may be streamed to our Twitch or hosted on our Discord.

    Community Showcase - OPEN!
     Closes August 31st 11:59PM CT
    We're looking to showcase content from our audience from all across different fandoms/industries! These could be short films, skits, comedy, musical or singing performances, literature/comic readings, various forms of dance, creation showcase (art/crafting/etc), puppet shows, speed painting, skateboard/bike tricks, and so much more!

    DJ Applications - CLOSED!We are looking to organize a nightly DJ block. This does not prevent a DJ from hosting something earlier, the nightly block will be a primary event however.

    Commercials - OPEN!
     Closes Aug 31st 11:59PM CT
    Are you a vendor, panellist, DJ, partner, or another Event? We'd love to get an ad from you to share with our audience during our event streams.Check out our Community showcase to submit things like skits, music performances, and more, if they don't relate to your vendor business or event.

    Art Gallery & Literature Submissions - OPENWe have an Art Gallery that showcases 2D and 3D creations on our Website and are also put into our VR worlds. (Our Minecraft world is no longer being updated.) Entries must be SFW and your own artwork.Sloth Art: Give us your take on fine art, memes, cartoons and more but featuring sloths!
    General Art: All fandom/industry art accepted including photography. Show off your best pieces, old or new!
    Literature: We have books in our dungeon and world that need text! We're looking for snippets from your literature, poems, etc to include. Must be SFW.
    Minecraft Server
     Being shut down at the end of September 2024. Server details are in our Discord 

     Suggestions are open as we want to host meetups on Discord/VRChat/etc in the future and want your input. 

    Game Worlds & Event Platforms

     Some events are streamed to Twitch and some are on Discord 

    Official Minecraft Server - Closing end of Sept 2024
    Hangout space Creative Area Survival Area Puzzle Dungeon PVP Arena
    Come hang out in our HQ area with our Art Gallery and campsites around a beautiful lake or take our portals to the Creative area for building projects or the Survival area for some game play, PVP Arena, and much more! Visit our Discord for server information, live chat and more.The server is being shut down at the end of September 2024 as we lack staff for upkeep, builds, meetups, etc. Volunteer if you'd like to help keep it up.

    Art Gallery
    2D & 3D Art Installments
    Be sure to take a moment to check out all the amazing artwork inside our Art Gallery building in Minecraft (no longer being updated), custom made by our build team who put tons of hours into making the world. You can also check out the website page if Minecraft isn't for you. Submissions will also get put up in our VR Worlds.

    VRChat Worlds

    VRChat Group
    See group instances and in game announcements as well as a photo gallery.

    CozyCon Worlds

    Worlds by Lilithe, Pizza assets by Chevron, Soda can designs by Apoxon, and more credits in the worlds themsevles!

    Previous Vendor Hall Worlds

    Worlds by Lilithe and more credits in world.
    These were in partnership with Furanl Equinox

    You may even see our short mascot, Connor the Sloth, running around!
    Artist: Baston#0414 - Base model: Awtter from ShadeTheBat

    Event Schedule (CDT/UTC-5*) & Game Worlds

     Some events are streamed to Twitch and some are on Discord

     SCHEDULE IS IN CDT / UTC-5 However, view the bottom left corner of the schedule for accurate time zone as it might try to convert.
    (Select "Desktop Mode" if using a mobile device.) 
     Click the panel listing to expand it for more info including host, description, link etc. 
     Schedule is subject to change 

    Event Schedule (CDT/UTC-5*)
     Read above 

    Vendor Schedule (CDT/UTC-5*)
     Coming soon! Read above 

    FAQ & Rules


    GENERAL► Our focus is on creative topics or services that support the arts. If you have a business unrelated to these things, feel free to apply but we will give priority to our focus.
    ► We do not allow NFT's or AI generated images/text/sound to be used/posted in our spaces.
    ► These rules apply to all our spaces and our external services may have their own sets of rules you must follow. (Discord, Twitch, VRChat, etc) If anyone is breaking our rules, please contact us to report it. We also highly suggest you utilize the block/mute features where applicable.
    ► We reserve the right to remove anyone who abuses our efforts & events, be found scamming, participating in something illegal, etc.
    ► Any donations/purchases/fees paid to our event are final sale. Please ensure that you fill out the information correctly so that you get the access you paid for.
    ► Vendor fees are $30 CAD (aprox $23 USD) for sponsor (more perks) and $10 CAD (aprox $8 USD) for regular vendor listings. This covers TWO events ($15 and $5 per event) and all year round listings. Scroll down for more info.
    ► You MUST be of legal age in your place of residence AND at least 18+ to host a panel, be a vendor, be a DJ or be involved with anything that gets live streamed to our audience.
    - We welcome all creators, digital or traditional. Be it visual artists, writers, textile creators, jewelers or crafters, 3D designers, sculptors, game developers, musicians, performers and more! This event is also open to all fandoms/industries as long as their content follows our rules.
    - We are not responsible for your content and will not protect you from legal action.
    - NSFW content is allowed (in NSFW channels in Discord only) as long as:
    1) Applications have been filled out properly so we can appropriately mark the rating on our vendor/panel pages/schedules
    2) NSFW content must be drawn/created content, no real life NSFW content unless approved by staff for educational purposes.
    3) Your NSFW content is on a site that is behind a warning/age or log-in block.
    4) All submitted art assets (banners/booth/etc) must remain SFW for the website, VRChat and general areas of our discord.
    - We have no direct involvement in your transactions or experiences with others. If you have issues, please take it up with the other party involved, or the administration of the site they were using as their store/payment/etc.
    - We do not provide payment transaction services for Vendors/Panelists. Every vendor will have their own services to conduct business through and are beholden to those service rules and regulations.


    Is this a FURRY event?
    We are not specifically a furry event. We welcome all industries/fandoms which include furries! Our mascot is an anthropomorphic sloth because that's what we thought fit. (The creator of the character, Temrin, is also a fantasy artist and draws anthro's better than humans. ;P ) It just so happens that, through networking and word of mouth, a majority of our vendors are furry.
    How does an online convention work?
    We offer community spaces within Discord, VRChat and Minecraft for folks to hang out in together and we also host livestreams that showcase the content of our Vendors, Panelists, DJ’s, etc. However please be advised that CozyCon mods are not in control of the websites, services, or other external places that others link to from our spaces. We are a worldwide event so expect users from different time zones, with different currencies, etc. You can find schedules closer to our event dates.
    How do I attend and is there a fee?
    Attending is free and we hope you'll spend your money buying from the Vendors or tipping your favourite Panelists/DJ’s! Attending is simple; Join the Discord for the full experience but you only need to check the Vendors or Events pages during (and shortly before) the event to check out what's happening, when and where! Each listing will have a link to participate wherever that item is being hosted (Twitch, Discord, VRchat, etc.)
    How do I support the event?
    You can support CozyCon in a variety of ways!
    Registration Swag Bundles (Special items, badges, etc), Convention Store (Tshirts, hoodies, housewares, etc), Volunteer (Help us make things happen!), or word of mouth!
    Why do Vendors have a fee?
    It is not free to host CozyCon. Without funding, we are unlikely to host this again, let alone make the event better in the future! We have overhead to cover that we cannot afford out of pocket, so we've added a fee to those who will be making money off our event. This is done in the hopes of them making that money back. For the cost of the fees, Vendors are advertised on vendor lists, in VRChat worlds, and in our Discord for almost an entire year, including our September main event, and the following Mini May event.
    Why doesn't CozyCon charge for Vendors listings in USD?
    Because we're based in Canada! (This is good news for Americans, IT'S CHEAPER!)
    I want to volunteer to help the event!
    That is awesome! We would love to hear from you. You can contact us through the Volunteer page form, and if you decide you want to host a panel of some kind, you can do so on the Events page.

    Vendor FAQ

    When possible, event staff will also organize multi streams, and setup vendors with automated stream announcement bots.

     Regular Listing: $10 CAD (~$8 USD) 
    Ad Size Templates
    1) Website/Discord/VR Poster Template
    Make sure the transparent parts stay transparent!
    ► Small listing on website
    ► Forum post on Discord
    ► General voice chats available
    ► VR poster (not a booth)
    ► Official social media post ads before/during each event
    ► Livestream listings on official schedule.

     Sponsored Listing: $30 CAD (~$23 USD) 
    Ad Size Templates
    1) Website/Discord Template
    2) VRChat Booth Template
    Sponsor Perks:
    ► Large banner at top of listing on website
    (Animated gif OK - No flashing, under 4MB)
    ► Forum post on Discord
    ► 1 dedicated voice/video channel upon request
    ► VR booth
    ► Official social media post ads before/during each event
    ► Livestream listings on official schedule & banners on livestreams.

    Con Store - Coming Soon

     NOTE: Some items are currently available in our Ko-fi for the fundraiser, like our Sponsor Tier, Stickers, etc. 
     We're in the middle of completely revamping our con store but in the mean time, check out our current one below: 

    Ko-fi Shop Dinosaur Themed Items
     Special limited edition items packed and shipped in house by our staff. 

    Looking for Multi-year items?Click items or check out our con store for non-themed items that support the event!

    Looking for past event content?

    CozyWave Album
    Buy the album right from Frozen Measure!

    CozyWave Album cover showing a vaporwave scene. Green with white outline geometric mountains, a pink grid spanning the distance between the mountains and the viewer. A "shutter shade" slices sun graphic behind the mountains, with purple/pink/blue bg.


    Volunteers must be 18+ and legal adult in their area of residence.

    Volunteer Expectations
    ►Reliability & frequent internet access
    ►Team work skills
    ►Good communication skills
    ►Takes initiative to reach out to team with questions/needs/ideas
    ►Motivated to find solutions
    ►~2 hours a week (Some jobs may be more hours during the year and less/none during event and some are vice versa)
    Please think critically about your availability. Some folks work better as all year round volunteers, small task volunteers and some work best as Panelists or Moderators during the event. We want to find what works the best for you and your situation. Got questions? Contact us!

    Looking For:

    Social Media Team
    Responsible for scripting/making copy for social media platforms and working with the Art Team to get visual ads made for the posts as well as scheduling, posting, interacting with the public via social media and being a “switch board” for questions; getting folks to the teams they need for their inquiries.
    Currently looking for help with scripting and post ideas.

    Vendor Team
    Team responsibilities include setting up the application forms, processing applicants, managing vendor Discord roles, emailing, answering questions, setting up Discord channels, etc.
    Convention Master experience is a bonus but not required

    Moderator Team
    Moderators are responsible for upholding our rules within the Discord server and also generally being around to help field questions about the event or how to use Discord. This also may include using bot commands, taking action on rule breakers, etc.
    Convention Master experience is a bonus but not required

    Events Team
    The Events team is responsible for organizing panel and DJ submissions, communicating and answering panelist questions, creating a schedule, etc.

    Minecraft Team
    Folks who are interested in building cool things in our server and generally helping update or maintain the current builds. Can also use some hands to help place images into the artshow panels for a short period before every event.
    Redstone skills in high demand

    Stream Team
    Volunteer will be receiving a stream with OBS, and re-transmitting back out to the internet. Stream routing will be pre-handled. When there is no stream to relay, there are ads and transition screens to play. Some streams are really videos.
    Must have: OBS experience, Desktop computer (or Alienware laptop with full size GPU & Alienware Accelerator) with recent graphics card (If OBS recognizes it as NVENC or can use built in AMD codec, it'll probably work.), reliable high speed internet connection such as Telus or Google Fibre w/ at least 10MB upload. Training and supporting software will be provided.

    Current Volunteers

    Temrin (they/them)
    Chairperson, Website Lead, Social Media Lead, Constore Lead, Vendor Team, Mod, Cozy/FE Coordinator

    Temrin - Cyerpunk character headshot with robotic elements and lights. Character is Grey, red and blue, with short cropped hair, eyes closed.

    Icon by Temrin

    Nonbinary freelance artist from Canada who loves bringing characters to life and bringing folks together with community events like conventions, zines and more.Created the CozyCon Online Logo/Branding/Mascot

    SuperNova (she/he/they)
    Vendor Lead & Mod

    SuperNova - Brown feline character with one blue eye, one green, with pink/orange hair.

    Icon by Rhari

    Living on my hobby farm in the west coast of BC I am an artist, streamer, crafter and caretaker of Littles. I draw digital and traditional pieces as well as create fiber crafts both on and off my streaming channel. Always a safe-space where I reside, I offer a calm caring environment for all who stop by.

    Vendor Team

    Freckles - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Felix McKline / VanillaSkunk
    Panel Lead, Stream Lead, Server Tech, Mod

    VanillaSkunk - shows a headshot of a white skunk with grey accents, and raid head fluff, with blue eyes and their tongue out.

    Icon base by PulexartA computer nerd and musician from Canada who loves to support aspiring new musicians and DJ's, as well as local and online community events.

    Talent Show Lead

    JLBee - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Shesta / Critter Cove Art (she/they)
    Minecraft Team Lead & Art Team

    Shesta - Shows a round icon of a teal dragon looking character with their maw open to the right showing teeth. Has purple eyes and a forehead green eye. Text reads "Critter Cove" and ""

    Icon by ShestaCanadian artist who loves unique species, reptiles & vibrant realism. Volunteered for a handful of years with different Canadian furry conventions, its heartwarming to see all the love and support the community continues to give eachother. 💕

    Minecraft Team

    CarlFoxmarten - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Minecraft Team

    Jamesbear - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Minecraft Team

    Ion - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Gunny Waffle (he/him)

    Gunny Waffle - Shows a headshot of a grey fluffy bat, with green eyes, blue nose and mouth, smiling. Wearing glasses and a red santa hat.

    Icon by Caytlin VilbrandtLocal fluff bat! I'm the community manager of Foxglove Comics and moderator of many indie creators' communities. Here to help~


    FloofyFox - Shows a noodle armed white fox with grey markings, freen eyes and a nervous smile as they wave to you.

    Icon by KitchikiJust a random fox that accidentally wandered in and was put to work.

    Naiser (he/they)

    Naiser - Shows a headshot of a white tiger with blue stripes, blue eyes, pink nose, blond hair, smiling deviously at you.

    Icon by TemrinJust a socializing kinda peep, and I help to organize things with scheduling and whatnot.Panel Lead 2020-2021

    Moderator, Art Team

    Miffix - Shows a grey and orange fox smiling at you open mouthed, with purple eyes and sitting inside an orange pumpkin on a pink background.

    Icon by MiffixA lil bean in a big universe, making friends and silly doodles

    STAR🌟GONE🌟WRONG (she/they/he)
    Art Team

    Star Gone Wrong - Shows a large fanged feline that is white and yellow, with pink/purple/blue/green eyes, forehead eye, and same colours of snakes coming out of their head like hair.

    Icon by ScribblesArtist/DJ/Producer/Visuals

    Scribbles (they/she/he)
    Art Team

    Scribbles - Shows a red and white fox with rainbow hair and rainbow tie dye shirt, wearing glasses.

    Icon by ScribblesArtist/Rainbow smith/Daydreamer

    UBA (he/him)
    Art Team

    UBA - Shows a graphical icon of a raccoon head in pink, with a white X in their face, on a purple background.

    Icon by UBAA professional artist who's worked in the animation industry for over ten years. And has been drawing furry art for even longer. The majority of his work is adult oriented, but does enjoy dabbling in tamer content from time to time.

    Eli Shroom (he/him)
    Art Team

    Eli Shroom - Shows a dark grey bird character with an eye inside their yellow beak pointing to the right, wearing red glasses. "Radical" in red and black shown at the top.

    Icon by Eli ShroomEli is a psychedelic printmaker-turned-furry-artist that loves bold color and midcentury design. He's a chronic experimenter in different mediums and lover of unusual furry species. And a big fan of trippy visuals as well!

    Sixel (she/they)
    Art Team & Panelist

    Sixel - Shows a white good wearing a black hat, in front of an easle and canvas, holding a paint brush and paint palette in either wing arm.

    Icon by SixelPronunciation: \ˈSIXsul'\
    Professional goose in British Columbia, Canada. Animated Icon Enthusiast. Makes icons, doesn’t give a honk. Creator of fine art sloths.

    Lithium (she/her)
    Art Team

    Lithium - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Art Team

    Golden Griffiness - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Lilithe Lotor (she/her)
    VRChat Lead

    Lilithe Lotor - VRChat avatar screenshot of a short grey rabbit character with blue hair and wearing a pink shawl in front of a forest background.

    Icon by Lilithe

    Hi I'm Lilithe! I make VRChat worlds and avatars!

    Commander A9 - Graphic icon of a bird of prey flying to the right in a dark brown, and a lighter sandy colour circle in the center, behind the bird.

    Commander A9 (he/him)
    VRChat Team


    Junior - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Past Volunteers

    ViridianDenial (he/they)
    Vendor Co-Lead & Mod

    ViridianDenial - Shows a headshot of a long snooted furry character that is very fluffy, white/grey, and has horns on the top of their head.

    Icon by ViridianDenial

    An Artist and VTuber from Canada who enjoys drawing for others and streaming to help others feel less lonely.


    CPLhardcore - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Minecraft Team

    Knotty Wyvern - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Art Team

    Rhari - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Amaine (they/them)

    Amaine - Shows a headshot of a light green my little pony character with blond hair holding a mug with black purple white and yellow colours, and wearing a blanket with two pinks, a white and two orange colours on it.

    Icon by HelithusVyA nonbinary 22yo Canadian student who loves virtual (and physical!) conventions and wants to help out. I adore horror films, gaming, and sleeping in way too long :')

    Blazer Flamewing
    Minecraft Team

    Blazer Flamewing - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    Ari [Typhoon Teaser] (she/her)
    Art Team

    Ari [TyphoonTeaser] - A grey feline character with green hair, eyes and mouth, smiling and wearing a fluffy jacket and piercings in their ears.

    Icon by AriAlways learning digital artist and Maker. Working on art, comics, design and electronics projects

    Minecraft Team

    Thea - Shows a headshot of a bird anthro that is light and mid brown, darker beak, spikey grey hair, and blue eyes and light blue markings.

    Icon by Thea

    Minecraft Team

    Minecraft Team

    Solari - A white blue and grey drawing wearing glasses and smiling with their mouth open and blue tongue out.

    Icon by DinkysaurusARTMotorbike enthusiast, hiker, game-player

    Rylee/Possum (she/her)
    Minecraft Team

    Rylee - Shows a placeholder silhouette

    A 20 years old Student from Germany, poking her snout into way too many things at the same time, including stuff that isn't meant for her.
    Feel free to poke me on the CozyCon Discord I love chatting with people!

    LinuxPony (he/him)
    Minecraft Tech Lead

    LinuxPony - Black my little pony character with dark blue hair and eyes, a changeling, with cyan bug wings to the side and they are smiling with a pink yellow and blue flag in their mouth.

    Icon by WaveCipherFriendly Canadian buggo who codes. Volunteers at a number of events. Keeper of tech support for the Minecraft server.

    Stream Team, DJ Lead, Mod

    Mikau - A white and light blue kitsune/fox smiling, wearing headphones and white wings out the back, on an orange background.

    Igglypou (she/her)
    Cozy/FE Coordinator, Art & Publications Lead, Director of Presence

    Igglypou - Sketch of an anthro character

    Icon by IgglypouFreelance artist based in Canada!
    Part of the previous Furnal Equinox Partnership

    Yuya (he/him)
    VRChat Bug Tester

    Yuya - Artwork of Yu Gi Oh fan characters that are very colourful.

    Icon by onlydyougetisadueltransgender yugioh arc v artist, vrchatter, funny clown man :)
    Part of the previous Furnal Equinox Partnership

    Contact Us

    Looking for help with a purchase?
    Please contact the actual seller of your items. This might be Teespring if you ordered event themed merch or this might be a vendor (check the Archive page if it was from a past event.) If you purchased something through our registration system specifically, then please fill out the contact info below!

    Do not send us unsolicited commercial electronic messages (CEMs)

    Or visit us at any of the sites below!

    Event Archive

    September 2023

    Art by Temrin

     Max Discord users at once: 1076` 
    (More overall visits)
     Swag Role Pickups: 135 
     VRChat CozyCon Island Visits: +627 
     VRChat vendor world Visits: 924 

    Furnal Equinox
    Sixel | BlazeWarriorWolf | Temrin | Shroompunk | WeirdnessMaster | Commander A9/Chevron | NoxTheSergal | Josh / HerosOfCrash | Jonas | Peahead | Indie Sellers Guild | Kudalyn | Saria/AnimaloftheElements | Crystal | Dr. Fox | TrustMeIExist | Miffix | Rage
    Tektonic | DJ Amyotte | STAR🌟GONE🌟WRONG | SerenityDnB | Kima | CDelansig | T1M3K33P3R | BlueIntellect

    Sponsor VendorsAmethyst Creations | AnimaloftheElements | Critter Cove Art | Dead Bomb Art | Dr. Wildlife | Fautbarb | Furality Inc. | Gobiraptor | HyenaMoxie | Kudalyn's Creations | Miffix & Ruette | Nebulilac | Onix Angel Creations | PhoenixFire Art Australia | Please Feed The Bear | Pyrocat Productions | Ryuigi´s cave | Sand Dragon Press | ScottDerg/Star Warriors | SuperNova | The Heroes Of C.R.A.S.H. | Vampexx | Vetrina Nicole Art | WeirdnessMaster Commissions | Temrin @ WildElement Studios | ZaezarDraws | Zin's Art

    VendorsArt by Becki | Allikitti | BrushedStars | BugMemory | EUFuria | FireDragonx | Grey White | Magenta Fantasies/Outcasts of the Rift RPG | Panns Art/The Starlight Cafe | Poundkeyz | RAWR Studio | Saint Fax | Shetani | Shroompunk | Spunky Stuff | Stan's Sketches | Tiny Red Key Designs | YeenKing Studios

    Badge art by Scribbles | Colouring page by Shroompunk | Minecraft skins by Temrin

    Art by Sixel

    Mini May 2022

    Art by Temrin

    Max Discord users at once: 787
    More overall visits
    Total badge pickups: 150
    VRChat vendor world Visits: 1883

    Furnal Equinox | Frozen Measure
    BlazeWarriorWolf | Temrin | Kynan/Keiji Wolf | Miffix | Kindle Wolf | Mikaufoxy | Sixel | Catmint |
    DJ Amyotte | WarneD1 | Bucker Fuskyote | Jackal Boi | Digipig | Bleatr | Hexagon Jack | STAR🌟GONE🌟WRONG | Magus | Schlick | JohCaw | Linksy | DJ Kandiwolf

    Sponsor Vendors
    First all year round vendors, mostly same as Sept 2021
    Animaloftheelements | Arizone/TyphoonTeaser | BluepatchTheFenndog | Candy Chimera | Critter Cove Art | Cyber D. Studios | Furry Avatar Shop | Grace & Victory Publications | Hyena Moxie | Kudalyn's Creations | Kyderra's 3D Avatars | Markcreator | Onix Angel Creations | Pete Ellison | Rhari Art and Illustrations | Shroompunk | Star Warriors | SuperNova | Temrin/WildElement Studios | That One Pink Dog Studios | The Koza Clothing Company | The Silver Dragon / Le Dragon Argente | Traveling Pony Museum | V. H. Hess | ZaezarDraws

    September 2021

    Art by Temrin

    Max Discord users at once: 792
    More overall visits
    Total badge pickups: 189
    VRChat vendor world Visits: 1901

    Furnal Equinox | Frozen Measure
    BlazeWarriorWolf | Catmint | EbonyKit | Furnal Equinox | Kudalyn | fireTiger | Mikaufoxy | Pilot | Ratty | River | Sixel | Temrin | The Royal Rebellion | Zaezar
    Avian Invasion | Bucker Fuskyote | Digipig | DJ Amyotte | DJ Kandiwolf | DJ Maryalee | DJ Nine | Hexagon Jack | Sanfear | STAR GONE WRONG | Steven Esso | Strawberry Protato | VanillaSkunk | WarneD1

    Sponsor Vendors
    Implemented 30 spots in VRChat vendor world
    Animaloftheelements | Ari/TyphoonTeaser | BluepatchTheFenndog | Candy Chimera | Critter Cove Art | Cyber D. Studios | Furry Avatar Shop | Goal Publications | Grace & Victory Publications | Hyena Moxie | Kudalyn's Creations | Kyderra's 3D Avatars | Markcreator | Onix Angel Creations | Pete Ellison | Rhari Art and Illustrations | Shroompunk | Star Warriors | SuperNova | Temrin/WildElement Studios | That One Pink Dog Studios | The Koza Clothing Company | The Silver Dragon / Le Dragon Argente | Traveling Pony Museum | V. H. Hess | ZaezarDraws

    May 2020

    Art by Temrin

    NumbersMax Discord users at once: 453
    Total Discord joins: 579
    Total badge pickups: 211

    Sponsor VendorsCanvas Swap Zine |
    Temrin @ WildElement Studios |
    Astralwares | SaltyDumplingStudios | Trashed | Teapartywithzombies | Pach Paints | | SpycyShark | Mespeth's Art | Monstah Arts | Darkpaw Studios | ViridianDenial Studios | JillianLambertArt | Jewels & Jumprings | Neon Digital | Animaloftheelements | Crafted By Colette | Lazy Leopard Fursuits | Alienkitty Designs | Kattakind Art | Craftypillar/Danji Isthmus | Vicki Vega | Hermit Oracle Studios | Nut Case Art | Alex Konnrad | Dokekki | Felisrandomis | Vetrina Nicole Art | Rukis Art | Star Warriors | Cinders Designs | BlindCoyote | Inkpawz Art | Euidragon: Lizard Lamination & Embroidery | Ari / Typhoon Teaser | Carmen Szeto Draws | Sewing Seeds | Dragons Den Fursuits | Ink Paw Prints Studio | Tea Finch Illustration | Oble Studios | Fyn the cat | Candy Chimera | Onnanoko

    VendorsDragon Digital Designs | SukiCatArts | That One Pink Dog Studios | Vexiishop | Dagon Designs | Go! Go! Zeppeli | Kuro Shouri | Odin's Bead Hall | StarKat64 | Tanuking Calligraphy | Sambeawesome | Poppypraise | Toestedfeline | Razumi Yazura | SamKalensky | Thornwolf | Femiki | Hoko Studios | AveryDraws | LimboJack Productions | Make Merri | Nightbloom Creations | Runestone Entertainment | Macchiato Sheep | Lisa LaRose Art | Birds'n'Bells | AshestoSparks | Meganta Fantasties | Sam Neukirch | JellyrolldesignsPanelists & DJ'sSoftDiamond | Crafted By Colette | Astralwares | Mespeth's Art | Animaloftheelements | Razumi Yazura | Hoko | Darkpaw Studios | Carmen Szeto Draws | NickVantarianFox | MothNet | Wolfskyzen | Vetrina Nicole | Craftypillar/Danji Isthmus | Squiggles | DJ Seafox | Jewels & Jumprings | DJ Fennec FVux | Tara St. Michel | Artconomy | Lazy Leopard Fursuits | Temrin | The Bad Star Disaster | Sambeawesome | NekelLuna | Kattakind | Alex Konnrad | Make Merri | MaxtheFox

    Connor the Sloth (Mascot)

    Connor was created by Temrin and could have initially been a feline, sloth OR bunny, but votes from initial staff and others solidified the sloth!
    He was named Connor unofficially between staff and the name stuck!

    Connor Sloth Reference

    Official Connor Reference Sheet
    Sketch & Colours by Shesta, Inks by xRockCandy/Lithium